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Hotel Bonaventure Montreal
Over 50 years of history

1967 was a pivotal year in the city of Montreal’s history. It was during this period that countries across the world turned their eyes to the metropolis of Quebec, host of the spectacular Expo 67.

1967 also marked the birth of one of Montreal’s most prestigious hotels: the Bonaventure.

The construction of Place Bonaventure

In the 1960s, the city of Montreal experienced an unprecedented real estate boom. Place Bonaventure would form part of the major project to develop Montreal’s Underground City. As the many proposed plans and models developed, the concept of Place Bonaventure took on colossal proportions. The final version of the plans was approved in October 1965.

The construction of this massive building would take two years and be completed in 1967. Once completed, the complex reached an impressive 3.1 million square feet, making it the largest building in the world at the time. Hotel Bonaventure would be located on the upper floors of this impressive building.

Place Bonaventure : a stunning example of brutalism

A very popular architectural trend between 1950 and 1970, the brutal style is easily recognizable by its prominent geometric shapes and its emphasis on raw and rough building materials, such as concrete. Place Bonaventure is a perfect example of this trend, appearing as a gigantic monolith in the heart of downtown Montreal.

Hotel Bonaventure : A unique concept even 50 years later!

Designed by a Montreal architect, the Bonaventure remains an exceptional achievement to this day. It is built on the roof of Place Bonaventure, 17 stories above ground, offering the occupants of its rooms and suites a breathtaking view of Montreal and its surroundings.

The hotel's landscaped gardens

As soon as the elevator doors leading to the hotel open, visitors are treated to a view of an awe-inspiring oasis of greenery perched atop the complex, revealing the charm and tranquility of the countryside right in the heart of the city.

During a stroll in the gardens, hotel guests can enjoy the company of ducks, even in winter, thanks to the two heated water fountains that keep them warm during the cold season. The year-round heated swimming pool, also built on the roof, brings this magical setting to life 365 days a year!

In summer, the hotel’s entrance hall and restaurants open onto terraces overlooking streams, waterfalls and aquatic habitats populated by koi fish, all surrounded by abundant florals and greenery, including oaks and birches.

A renovated hotel that hasn't lost any of its charm

In order to improve our services, Hotel Bonaventure has recently undergone a major makeover. To give the hotel a new look without neglecting its illustrious past, the Montreal design firm Lemay-Michaud drew inspiration from the hotel’s unique soul to create a distinctive, stylish and relaxing environment.